A quirky, philosophical verse piece about the line we draw between art-forms and ages…

The piece addresses the child within, questioning what we deem appropriate for children, and what constitutes a ‘play’.

A misfit, poised on a perforation between their intended audience and the one they’ve been assigned, questions how we box our experience, how drinking makes you thirsty, how a queue can kill, how we’ve come to abandon our waste, how we divide art-forms, deal with loss and what quantum mechanics can teach us about our relationships.

“Joins the dots between the childish imagination and the diminishing returns of being a grown-up. Loneragan becomes a Dr Seuss-like teacher revelling in her playfulness while at the same time issuing a warning about the dangers of losing her sense of wonder…a colourful litany of love lost and found and the comforts of madness in the face off an all too serious big, bad world of adulthood. ….take your time to be small is Loneragan’s overriding instruction….”

– Neil Cooper, The Herald

“In a kind of acute free verse rendering that might’ve come from Shakespeare were he alive today and on uppers, Loneragan poses provocative questions, with the most vigorous, surefooted delivery imaginable.”

“Fascinating verse piece..about the uneasy line between borderline between adult and children’s stories, delivered with terrific, charismatic poise.”

– Joyce McMillan, The Scotsman

Performed originally at The Arches Live Festival, Glasgow – drawn live by visual artist Jenny Soep.

BareBoards BraveHeart Festival, Subtlenuance Theatre, Sydney.